Donald A Burress MD PC
Eye Doctor & PhD Nutrition

Ophthalmology Services

Cataract & Glaucoma Prevention

In general, the risk of glaucoma and vision loss becomes less the lower the pressure in the eye. This is why the drop tends to help prevent glaucoma, because of its remarkable pressure-lowering effect. As far as cataracts are concerned, there are a number of ways cataract changes may present in the lens of the eye, but the earlier they are detected the better, as the drop may well hinder the progression of the changes over time to preserve vision. Cataract changes may occur earlier in diabetics than in others.

It is our duty as health care professionals to help protect patients from actual or potential health threats and their harmful consequences by preventative measures. My goal is to do just that.

Dry Eyes

A multitude of factors may be involved in the so-called “dry eye” problem, which usually results in complaints of irritation, dryness, burning, tearing or foreign body sensation. It is not merely a question of quantity and/or quality of normal tears, as there may be inflammation, associated lid disease and several other factors involved. Investigation is necessary.

Women are more commonly affected than men primarily due to variations (normal or induced) in hormonal levels. In fact “dry eye” is about two times more common in women as it is in men. My goal is to use the latest modes of therapy to relieve nagging symptoms.

Following my extensive training in nutrition, having obtained a PhD in that field from MIT, and along with my resulting familiarity with world medical literature research, my passion for the use of alternative natural methods in the prevention and treatment of eye disease became a priority in my practice of ophthalmology, to of course supplement accepted routine medical treatment options. My ongoing research led to coming upon in 2002 a newly discovered all-natural product which, when used as an eye drop, causes a very significant reduction in eye pressure, important because the primary goal in treating glaucoma, a common eye disease, is to lower intraocular pressure. Ever since, I have used the drop in hundreds of eyes in an effort to help prevent glaucoma. Also important is evidence to suggest that it helps prevent cataract changes as well. (The drop has always been dispensed free-of-charge to those who qualify and who desire to use it) Presently it is becoming more and more evident that complimentary natural care in public health and medicine is receiving the much-deserved attention it lacked in the past.

Another important priority in my practice is to treat every patient in the same manner I would a family member and to answer questions and explain findings in understandable terms. Other offices may offer similar services but very often lack the sincere friendly relaxed atmosphere and personal touch I offer my patients. Let me put my experience to work for you.I bring together natural eye care and nutrition for greater overall health care options.