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In commemoration of my wife (who passed away 5 years ago this month, and always exhibited a joyful spirit of giving and helping others) I am offering a discount of 1/3 off the regular fee for a complete medical eye evaluation.

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Your Eyes Are Important!

This informational sheet is intended to inform health care professionals as well as educated consumers about a remarkable, all-natural, risk-free eyedrop which I have administered to hundreds of my patients over the last 12 years. A single drop daily has the ability of helping to prevent glaucoma, a disease which has no symptoms but gradually steals vision. Click Here to Read More...

Sharing With Like-Minded Professionals

Unlike most MD's, I advocate alternative medicine and have dedicated to my deceased wife the goal of helping as many people as possible with an all-natural eyedrop which aids in preventing cataracts and glaucoma.

As part of my mission, I give big discounts on medical eye exams as well as ensure that patients have adequate knowledge about the protective advantages of the drop. Because of my emphasis on natural medicine, I feel it my duty to share these benefits with like-minded holistic practitioners, such as naturopathic and chiropractic physicians, for the benefit of their patients. Click Here to Read More...

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