Donald A Burress MD PC
Eye Doctor & PhD Nutrition

About Us

Donald A. Burress, M.D.P.C. is family-owned and operated in Gresham, OR. Since opening in 1969, it has treated every patient like they were family. Other practices may offer similar services. but service here comes with a special personal touch.

As a father and a grandfather, I have always been devotedly family oriented, and I have carried this principle over to my practice of ophthalmology, where I like to treat my patients as if they were family. This creates an extreme degree of self-satisfaction and is appreciated by patients as the personal touch is exemplified during their comprehensive evaluation. Other practices may offer similar services, but ours comes with the friendly personal one-on-one relationship which I deem so important. With my faith in God and my love for the community, I have always looked for ways to improve upon eye care. To that extent, I have the additional degree in nutrition which allows me to incorporate alternative (complementary) methods of care into my practice. I have always emphasized these natural methods which have become my passion. It is with much enthusiasm that I search the world medical literature to find ways to improve overall health and especially the health of the eyes. Natural means are used to supplement traditional medical eye care as would be expected, but nowadays there is more and more emphasis being put on the complimentary mode. The combination of natural protocols with proper nutrition, diet and lifestyle practices will result in the option for greater general and eye health benefits. Let me put my experience to work for you. My no-rush priority and personal touch will be complemented with an explanation of exam results in understandable terms.

Our Vision

Our eyes offer the most complete perception of the world in which we live and deserve the ultimate in care to preserve vision. Our clinic is based upon my years of study and personal experience within the dual fields of traditional and natural eye care, the latter being my longstanding passion. Health care professionals and others in the public health care industry have become aware of complementary care in the treatment and prevention of eye disease. It is my love for and dedication to my patients that has always guided me in the primary goal of eye disease prevention. I am constantly seeking new opportunities for individuals to protect and improve vision through complementary means. Our body is interconnected and the health of the eye depends on our well-being. With a background of research at MIT, my investigation of the world medical literature led 15 years ago to the discovery of an all-natural nutrient which, when used as an eye drop, helps to prevent glaucoma and cataracts. These are two of the most common causes of loss of vision. My end goal with every clinic visit is to help with healing and vision loss prevention through the proven supplementary factors which encompass lifestyle, diet, and nutrition.

Education & Training:

Oregon Health & Science University – Casey Eye Institute


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


New York Presbyterian Hospital – Columbia Campus


Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons

Medical School